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All services are available in person or via virtual tele-health

Free Discovery Call 10mins

Book in for a FREE discovery call to best determine what direction needs to be taken moving forward or if you'd just like more information on any of our services.

Reset Package 1x 1.5hr Initial Consult + 2x 0.5hr Follow up

The reset package consists of one initial consult followed up by two follow up consultations in two week intervals. This helps me keep you accountable on your health journey.

Initial Naturopathic Consult 60mins

A traditional initial consultation with Tanika to dive deep into your health concerns, including a thorough case taking processes and individualised treatment plan.

Follow up Consult 30 -45mins

*For return clients only.* An appointment to check in and asses your progress and make any necessary changes.

Amino Acid Compounding + Mini Consult 15mins

Book in a FREE short but precise consult to have our naturopath compound a specialised mix of amino acids, individualised for your needs in therapeutic doses aligned with and only PAY for your individualised amino acid blend.

Supplement Overhall Consult 30min

Confused about something you're already taking? Not sure on the dosage or if you should be taking any supplements you have previous purchased elsewhere? Our naturopath will go over all the supplements you're taking, why and if they are necessary for your individualised health journey

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