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Tanika Baker the ADHD Naturopath
Tanika Baker

Tanika strives to provide tailored, evidence-based, natural medicine and nutritionist approved solutions for neurodiverse individuals. With over 10 years of experience in the health industry, she is an ATMS accredited naturopath that specialises in neurodiverse clients. After being diagnosed with combination ADHD herself, she personally understands the unique needs of those living with ADHD and others on the 'neuro spicy' spectrum. She has first-hand experience living with ADHD and can offer a personalised and professional approach to help you manage your unique set of needs.

Let us empower and support you to take back control of your own health journey!

Areas of Specialised Interest

Nutritional support surrounding sensory adversity on the spectrum including Autism and ADHD

Individualised professional advice on how to manage the challenges of being Neurodivergent.

Women's Health - Endometriosis / PCOS

Functional Integrative Pathology Testing

Gut Microbiome Mapping 

About Me

Tanika, is mum, who just like many of us experience the hardships of parenthood and her courage to seek help in becoming the best parent she could be, is what lead her down her own health journey to discover she in fact had undiagnosed and unmanaged ADHD.


Tanika is super passionate about all things naturopathy, herbs, nutrition and supporting the Neuro-Diverse. Tanika is also in the final year of her second qualification, looking into molecular genetics and neuroscience, to only further broaden her knowledge to bring you the most up to date research on how to thrive not survive.


Contact Me

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Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Tel: 0422648638

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